Most professional politicians and TV pundits, say Donald trump cares only about himself. They’re wrong. The truth is, he cares no more and no less about himself than any other man or woman of equal achievement. He is certainly more

forward than most in telling us of his success, but isn’t that what a candidate for office is supposed to do?

There should be no surprise that someone with Donald Trump’s lifetime achievements would aspire to the Presidency of the United States. and, there should be no dismay that they would openly and forcefully express their feelings that he or she would be competent in the position.

Mr. Trump has a brash, in your face presentation that some people find irritating, but his self-confidence is backed-up with a history of accomplishment. It is an honest expression of who he is.

The real reason the DC lords of government and their media pets are so exercised about his candidacy is not his presentation, but what he says. He tells us that through out his business career he has made monetary contributions to many congressmen and women in both parties and has received favorable treatment in return, and this is common practice in the halls of Congress.

The lords of government cringe. This is unspeakable!

They are terrified that Donald Trump as President, with the full support of we-the-people will effect an end to their house-of-mirrors federal government and replace it with a democratic republic as defined by the Constitution. And worse, they might actually lose “their” seat in Congress. (Yes, they really do think of it as “their” seat.)

Donald Trump’s campaign has come this far against the collective wills of the Republican Party, the sitting federal government and the political media. This is a clear indication that Americans have had enough.

If elected Donald Trump will give us a noisy, rough and tumble Republican party and a raucous, responsive government. A government of the people, by the people and for the people that gets important things done.

We need that. It will be a refreshing change, and it’s about time.


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