In recent years the U.S.A. and the forces of freedom have taken some high profile beatings around the world. So much so that we might suspect that our international affairs are suffering from a very serious breach of security. It’s possible the breach could be occurring at a government security level as high as the U.S. State Department. Consider the following prominent incidents.

Russia invaded Crimea and then militarized their Ukraine border, possibly in preparation for another invasion. We failed to respond in any meaningful way.

Libyan terrorists attacked and destroyed our Consulate in Benghazi, killing our Ambassador and others. We are still thrashing around trying to figure out how this happened.

China militarized their man-made islands in the South China Sea and proclaimed sovereignty over the entire sea. We are helpless.

Iran negotiated the return of billions of dollars in impounded funds, a lifting of trade bans, and a likely resumption of their nuclear weapons programs. Our negotiators got nothing from Iran and were lucky to get away with their pants still on. We simply gave everything away without a whimper.

That all seems like a pretty good old-fashioned lickin’ to me, but that’s not the norm. I don’t think our people could have failed so miserably in all this without something very bad going on at high levels.

It’s the kind of things that happen when the other side know exactly what you every move will be. As if, for instance, Russia, the Libyan terrorists, China and Iran had all been reading our State Department’s email communications, including secret and top-secret, for the past 4 or 5 years.

And, it’s entirely possible that they have been. How could that be?

Everyone knows that the U.S. has very good communications security protocols, and only top level officials, such as Secretary of State, have access to secret information . . . yeah, Sec. of State, Clinton.

Maybe our guys and gals have just had a string of bad luck, but more likely, it’s due to incompetence in highest levels of the U.S. State Department . . . or, it could be a rat.

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