Obama’s Last Tango in Paris

In the wake of the recent Islamist Caliphate attacks in Paris our President, Barack Hussein Obama did nothing.

It was a great opportunity to make a strong statement against Islamic terrorism. He could have stood up straight and strong as the leader of the free-world. He could have promised the people of Paris and of the world, that such barbaric acts committed in the name of Allah will never be accepted. He could have made us proud to be Americans and proud of our President.

He could have, but he didn’t.

He didn’t even see fit to attend the rally or even send a representative. Our President, Barack Hussein Obama, representing you and me and our nation on the world stage in a time of great passion and spirit was . . . absent.

This President seems totally conflicted and unable to convincingly chose a side in this world-wide fight against Islamic terrorists? What are his priorities and principals? Where do his loyalties lie? Where is his faith? Does he not understand the danger?

His Presidency is an embarrassment and a shame for all Americans. And he is a threat to our security and the security of the free world.

The Congress should immediately begin preparing articles of impeachment.


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  1. Peter Gun says:

    The motivation of President Obama, may reveal his intentions ?

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