A knowledgeable friend writes of some of the conflicts and downfalls of nations in biblical times. She speculates on the survivability of our United States of America as follows –   “It seems to me noteworthy also, that the main sin of the Northern Kingdom of Israel, the cause of its downfall, was turning from God, departing from honoring, worshipping, acknowledging, obeying Him.  Can we expect the United States to stand when at least much of public life has taken a similar turn?”  

A fair question in these times. The history of the three Abrahamic religions, Jews, Christians and Muslims, from the beginning has been one of nearly continual warfare, victory then defeat, defeat then victory, rise and fall, fall and rise, each struggling to dominate if not destroy the others.

It has continued for thousands of years and continues to this day, usually with enormous death and destruction, and always with terrible suffering on the part of the people – believers and non-believers alike.

Each of these religions believes that the “end-of-time wars” will destroy the earth, and bring about the appearance of their “savior”. Each believes that god has granted the ultimate victory to them, and that they, and only they, will be rescued and live forever in paradise.

Today, two of these three religions have weapons that could ultimately give them the power to possibly end all life on earth. The third is trying desperately to achieve that capability.

Today, the two are allies. So, it is to their advantage to stand together against the third. But, when all three religions have that power . . . what then?

Will one of them opt for their imagined splendor of death, or will all resist the urge to bring about the prophesied end of the world?

If they all resist going for the passion then they all, including the United States, will stand. But, if  one cannot resist the passion of fulfilling the end-of-the-world prophesy, then none can stand, including the USA. Humanity will be bombed back to prehistoric times and civilization will exist only in cave paintings in remove areas of a toxic Earth. If enough of us survive, we may, in a few thousand years, begin to revive a human civilization on the  planet. So, the answer to the question, “Can the USA survive?” is . . . maybe, but probably not.


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