WE ARE “GRUBER VOTERS” . . . own it.

MIT Professor, Jonathan Gruber, PhD, has made public his observation of  “ . . . the stupidity of American voters”.  Actually, I doubt if he really knows any real “American voters”, but I think what happened is that he formed his opinion of us after being close-up and sweaty with our elected congressmen and congresswomen while they were creating the obamacare Frankenstein monster.

He observed the caliber of people he was dealing with and recognized that we “American voters” have been electing and reelecting these self-serving petty politicians over and over for decades. Being a PhD he probably knows that the data shows that we reelect 85% to 95% of them in every single election, regardless of their obvious incompetence and malfeasance in office.

Then, I think he then just used a little of his PhD logic and figured out than anyone who would elect and then reelect such a feckless group of self-serving, professional politicians over and over while hating what they do in office must not be very bright.

But actually, that is exactly what we do, isn’t it. Year after year our representatives screw up nearly everything, repeatedly proving themselves incapable of providing a coherent government for the nation. So, we reelect them, again, and again . . . for term after term after term. That’s definitely “stupid”.

So, yeah,  maybe we really are “Gruber voters”, and that’s what gives us legislation like Obamacare.

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