Seems to me Donald Trump may be the political version of Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali.

When Cassius Clay came on the boxing scene the sports pundits declared he would never be successful with his wildly unconventional boxing and his in-your-face, trash-talking public relations style. Then, after he became champion and changed his name to Muhammed Ali, they said the fans would abandon him.

When Ali stood up for his beliefs and refused the military draft on religious grounds he was stripped of his championship and banished from competing. The pundits said that would be the end of his career. But, he came back and re-won the championship, twice.

Years later when he retired, he was recognized world-wide as perhaps the greatest boxer that ever lived. Time magazine named him one of the 100 Most Important People of the 20th Century.

When Donald Trump came on the political scene the political pundits declared he would never be successful with his wildly unconventional campaign organization and his brash, in your face campaign style.

When Mr. Trump stood up for personal integrity, refusing to play the contributions-for-influence game, and announced he would self-finance his campaign they said he would never be able to stay in the race.

When he won most of the “debates” and his poll numbers went up and up, they said he wont make it, the Republican establishment will never accept him. But he won, and he is the Republican candidate for President of the United States.

And, for the first time since Ronald Reagan’s second election, I will have a candidate I can actually vote “for” in November.

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